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Research and Documentation Department

Programme area, staff work closely with research and documentation in developing content for newsletter.
They release bi-annual newsletters on rights education and ACP activities.

Monitoring and evaluation

The Research and Documentation unit of Ajegunle Community Project (ACP) is responsible for carrying out in-depth research on Gender-Based Violence and Discrimination (GBV & D) as it affects women and the girl-child to determine the causes, effects, prevalence and the solutions to GBV&D problems in the communities.
This unit serves as the hub for pulling together outcomes of works done by Ajegunle Community Project for the purpose of preparing annual report and issue out publication materials for reaching out to its stakeholders, donors and beneficiaries.
The responsibilities of the research and documentation unit of ACP are grouped into four main areas namely:

  • Research on GBV & D
  • Documentation
  • Publication and Communication
  • Monitoring and Evaluation


It also conducts surveys on issues relating to women and the girl child. This serves as a means of gathering data, analyzing the data to identifying specific needs and determining ways of addressing the issues.
Some of the research works carried out in recent time included:

  • Survey on the pattern and prevalence of teenage prostitution in Ajeromi/Ifelodun and Mushin Local Government Areas of Lagos State.
  • Research on madwoman in Ajegunle Area of Lagos State.
  • Research on the prevalence of Gender Based Violence and Discrimination in Lagos: A case study of Ajeromi/Ifelodun Local Government Area as a case study.


ACP documents all its activities/works. Video clips, reports, publications, books on GBV & D, audio materials, photographs etc are all documented.
This serves as a point where information and data could be gathered for references by researchers, stakeholders and other users who may need them for future research work or data analysis for plan and implementation of project etc.
Presently, ACP is working on the documentation of reported GBV&D cases in Police Stations, Courts, hospitals, community leaders, and the media for the purpose of determining the prevalence of GBV&D cases in different areas of Ajeromi / Ifelodun so as to proffer the necessary solutions to them.


ACP employs all means to reach out to its stakeholders, donors and other members of the public. Some of its publications used to get to the people are:

  • Newsletter: ACP publishes “WOMEN’S VOICE”, the bi-annual newsletter that showcases the activities of the organization for the stakeholders and general public consumption.
  • Annual Report: The comprehensive report of the organization’s activities for the year including the financial report.
  • Information, Education and Communication (IEC) Materials: Production of pamphlets, banners, leaflets etc on issues relating to GBV & D, good governance, women participation in politics etc to create awareness as well as sensitization of people.


As a way of appraising its programmes/projects, ACP conducts assessment on the implementation of its projects and examines the impact of the projects/campaign/programme on the people or communities.

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